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Give the Archivist a Hand

I could use a little help with current events. If you live in north Jersey, you'd be doing me a great service if you skim the New Jersey Herald or the Star Ledger (or even the freebee papers that come in the mail such as the Sparta Independent, Township Journal, Advertiser News and just let me know as soon as possible that there is something in there relating to the local railroads, the Sussex Branch Trail, or the proposed Franklin Trail, also known as the Wallkill Valley Heritage Trail.

I'm not asking anyone to look up anything or even go to a library, (but if you do you'd be muchly appreciated.) All I ask is that if you have an article in a scrapbook or somewhere that pertains to the Sussex Branch or the Sussex Branch Trail, email me with the DATE of the paper the article was in, the NAME of the paper, and the TITLE of the article. I will then go and look it up on microfilm at my library. Believe it or not, I didn't have a lot of stuff when I started this site. I've been collecting it though.

A Real BIG Favor would be if you photocopied any pertinent articles and mailed them to me. Anyone interested in that degree of help should request my snail mail here.