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New Jersey Herald - October 6, 1949 issue

The Greatest Boon

The improvement of Route 23 north of Smith Mills is of major significance to the future growth of Sussex County. According to present plans, the four-lane highway will be extended beyond Butler towards Sussex County and the road into the county will be re-aligned and straightened.

The elimination of the highway bottleneck will provide a better motor route for those who live or visit in Sussex County. It is one of many steps needed to improve the transportation facilities of the county.

Perhaps the greatest boon to the county, however, would be better rail transportation. Although good highway facilities are important, the road mileage between Sussex County and the heavily populated and industrialized areas of the state is still great and constitutes a major obstacle to those who would like to live here and work in the city. Commuting 40 to 50 miles each way every day by auto or bus through increasingly heavy traffic is not very practical.

The answer seems to lie in improved rail transportation. A fast train service between Sussex County and the metropolitan area would be extremely attractive to those who want to do business or live here. Certainly the present train service in the county leaves much to be desired. The closest point for any fast and frequent service is Dover.

One does not expect the railroad companies to blanket a rural county such as Sussex with a network of rails and provide express service for every second cow barn. It is not too much, however, to suggest that some arrangement be worked out to take advantage of the main line service which now runs THROUGH Sussex County. A station on the main line in or near Andover, for example, would be a good start.

The improvement of rail service to Sussex County is a project that should be high on the agenda of municipal and county officials and any other group organized for the betterment of this area.