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New Jersey Herald - March 23, 1911 issue
Struck By Mail Train

Miss Laura E. Montross, an employee at the H. W. Merriam Shoe Company factory, had a narrow escape from being run down and probably killed by the 10:20 A.M. train last Saturday. Miss Montross is quite deaf. She left the factory Saturday morning earlier than usual to go to the home of Charles Belcher, on Mount View avenue where she lived. She left the rear of the factory and walked along the foot of the embankment some distance and then started to cross the tracks to go to Diller avenue. As she was approaching the tracks the 10:20 mail train came around the bend below the factory. Engineer Hoffman saw Miss Montross approaching the tracks and blew the whistle. Seeing that the woman paid no attention to the alarm, he reversed his engine and applied the air brakes. Unconscious of any danger the woman crossed one track and was about to step on the main track in front of the locomotive as it reached her, when some projection on the engine struck her a glancing blow on the side of the head, and she was hurled around and fell on the adjoining track. Several passengers alighted from the train, and Miss Montross was removed to the station in an unconscious condition. Henry F. Durling drove his auto to the office of Dr. Vorhees and conveyed him to the station. He was followed a few minutes later by Dr. Morrison. It was found that Miss Montross had had a fortunate escape, as the injuries consisted mainly of a scalp would and a cut on the side of the head. She revived a short time later and was taken to her home on Mount View avenue. A witness of the accident said one step more and the woman would have been on the track in front of the train. A few years ago a woman was run down by a train at the same point and killed while on her way home from the factory. at this time the railroad company issued an order forbidding all persons to use the railroad for a runway.