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Miscellaneous Articles from 1905


New Jersey Herald - March 18, 1905

A new water tank has recently been placed in the waiting room of the depot, which, together with the weighing machine, will doubtless prove an attraction to many.

Sussex Register - June 29, 1905 issue

The new Y at Andover to connect the Lackawanna tracks with those of the Lehigh & Hudson, must be completed by September 1, when the Lackawanna is to deliver 300 cars of freight a day to the N. Y., N. H. & H. at Maybrook, the bulk of which will be perishable eastern freightwhich will have to be rushed through. This freight now is delivered to the New Haven road at Harlem by float. With this increased traffic it is predicted that the Sussex branch will soon be double tracked.

New Jersey Herald - August 3, 1905 issue

(From the NJH 7 Aug 2005 Local Page)


The new turn table has been put into place and is rapidly receiving the finishing touches. Although it weighs fifty tons it is so nicely adjusted that a small boy can swing it around easily. Of course, this is without any locomotive on it.

Sussex Register - November 2, 1905 issue

Two engines are required to take 29 loaded freight cars and a caboose up the Whitehall grade.

Saturday's shipment of limestone from Franklin Furnace comprised fifty three carloads, and this action compels the running of extra trains over the Sussex division.

A fine new station is being erected at Branchville Junction. It will be a great improvement, and although agent Hunt registers thirty trains each day, he will have charge of the pump house and still entertain the traveling public.

If a little exertion will improve the winter train schedule would it not be a good plan to ask for a return to the summer schedule of the present 6:10 a.m. train, and have Conductor Bagshaw's train arrive at an earlier hour?

Sussex Register - November 9, 1905 issue

Passengers on the morning train between Newton and Franklin Furnace are seriously annoyed over the lack of heat in the rear coach since the mornings have been frosty. This car is without a stove although it is equipped with steam heat apparatus. The train is a mixed one and no connection with the steam hose on the engine can be made.

Sussex Register - November 9, 1905 issue

Thomas Decker & Sons have repaired the ice chute leading from Crisman's pond to the Borden creamery. This device, which was the original idea of the late J.H. Williamson, saved thousands of dollars in the cost of gathering ice to F.W. Fulboam, formerly creameryman in Branchville, and when the changes are completed it will be possible to deliver ice right in the ice house faster than the cakes can be handled.

Sussex Register - November 23, 1905 issue

Travelers between Newton and Franklin are bitter in their complaints in reference to the lack of warmth in the combination cars. Particularly is this true of the early morning train, as the cars are like ice boxes after standing all night in the yard. Several patrons have caught heavy colds through the neglect to provide stoves, and demand that the Lackawanna should either provide fire, or stock the cars with robes and hot water bottles.

Sussex Register - November 23, 1905 issue

Evidence multiplies that the days of Cranberry Lake as an excursion resort are numbered. On Monday Collector John D. Coursen, of Byram township, sold the hotel property for non payment of taxes, together with other township delinquents. James Frenche, of Waterloo, was the purchaser. After a while the old gentleman will have more real-estate than he can manage. With unobstructed possession of Bertrand's island and an entrance to Lake Hopatcong, the Lackawanna is not inclined to kow-tow to Mr. Frenche, and the excursion business may be transferred.