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Miscellaneous Articles from 1903


The Sussex Register - January 3, 1903 issue

The pile driver which the Lackawanna has been using in the
reconstruction of bridges on the Sussex branch did not prove as powerful
as desired. On New Year day a special took up the road one whose length
was equal to two flat cars, and was described by one boy as "a machine
to drive telephone poles in the ground."

The Lackawanna has a successor to the "Comet." It is known as Engine 'A',
and contains seats for six persons, aside from the crew, and will make
seventy miles per hour with two coaches attached. It is elegantly
furnished and has electric fittings and appliances. It recently made its
initial trip over the Morris and Essex Division.

January 8, 1903

(from the New Jersey Herald January 12, 2003 issue)

Would that the old freight depot could be removed and its place taken by
a neat freight station, before the holding of the Sesqui-Centennial
Anniversary. If the Lackawanna authorities want to do a real nice thing
for Newton they will make this change before the inportant occasion.

Stanhope Eagle - January 28, 1903 issue

The building contractor of the new station has loaded all his tools and
material aboard the cars to be shipped away. The concreting of the
platform along the east bound track has not been completed, but has been
planked over to leave no trap holes.

Stanhope Eagle - February 11, 1903 issue

A new sign, "Netcong-Stanhope," was hung upon the new railroad station
at this place (Stanhope) on Monday, New stoves have been placed in the
passenger and ticket sales room, while one of the stoves from the old
station will heat the baggage department.

Stanhope Eagle - August 5, 1903 issue

The new freight station for this place had its foundation started on Monday morning. It is to be a frame structure, 60 by 24 feet and one story high. Dennis O'Shea took his gang away the same day after being here four and a half months. It is estimated that our new station and the other improvements here already cost nearly or about $8,000, for which our people appreciate the kindness of the railroad company.