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Miscellaneous Articles from 1901


Stanhope Eagle - January 2, 1901 issue

The heavy stone for the purposed bridge over the road to the cemetery is being unloaded from the cars at the furnace docks.

Stanhope Eagle - January 16, 1901 issue
John McKeone had two of the bones of his right hand broken in attempting to dump one of the dirt cars on the "cut-off" on Monday afternoon. This is his second mishap since he quit railroading.

The Allen Granite and Construction Co. has placed a small locomotive engine on their temporary construction track, to pull the dirt cars back and forth. This work has been done heretofore. by horses. The little engine takes nine loaded cars down the grade from the Sugar Loaf to the Muscanetcong river and brings same number of empty ones back. Benny Cole is engineer in charge of it.

Stanhope Eagle - February 20, 1901 issue
We hear that the new semaphore signals will be put in operation to-morrow. The poles have been erected for some time past.

Stanhope Eagle - March 6, 1901 issue
Three carloads of bridge material for building the new "cut off" to Newton has arrived at Stanhope station and is being unloaded from the cars to-day, so that it may be near at hand for immediate use when wanted.

John McClain, of Bartley is delivering telegraph poles at the station. We also notice that they are being delivered at Hackettstown. The demand for them and railroad ties has denuded many of our rocky hill sides of their stately forests, but they bring ready cash to the pockets of land owners, and hence they must go.

The position of operator at the station appears to be a difficult one to fill, as the third operator in a week is trying it. Mr. Heinz did not like the position and left. So did another operator who tried it for one day, and now Frank Drake is filling the position, and we would be pleased to see his appointment made permanent even though he is a young man who is starting out in life with a position right at home.

Stanhope Eagle - April 10, 1901 issue
The work of pile driving for the bridge construction over the Morris Canal on the new "cut-off" railroads, was to have commenced to-day, but for some reason was not. The laying of the track has commenced from the Sussex end of the new section, and will likely be done gradually as other work progresses.

Stanhope Eagle - April 17, 1901 issue
A large upright boiler with engine attached was unloaded from the cars yesterday morning to be used in driving piles where the new "cut off" crosses the Morris Canal.

Stanhope Eagle - May 1, 1901 issue
The pile driving for the drawbridge over the Morris Canal for the new cut-off will be finished this week, and the gap left unfinished in the grading in the furnace fields is being rapidly filled up. Then everything will be ready for track-laying to get the bridges in position.

Another change of operators has taken place at the railroad station. Willis Smith, who has been operator here for several months past, except a short time when he acted as agent at Hopatcong, has been given the agency at Mount Tabor, and resumed his duties to day. Charles McLaughlin, formerly operator on the Central RR. at Port Oram, takes Mr. Smith's place.

Stanhope Eagle - May 8, 1901 issue
The grounds have been staked out for a new station at Washington, and that at Dover is in progress of construction. We are to have Stanhope station placed between the two present tracks, and another track run over the site of the present building to accommodate the traffic of the Sussex road when it is completed.

Stanhope Eagle - June 12, 1901 issue
Work at the Waterloo granite quarries closed down on Friday last, but will likely resume again soon.

Work on the bridge across the Morris canal for the "cut-off" is proceeding at a lively pace. Twenty five men were at work all day Sunday, but it is said it will take two weeks to finish it and there is only a short stretch of railroad track left to complete the line. Probably by the ever glorious Fourth we will be able to go direct without change of cars from Stanhope to Newton, and it may be before that event comes off.

Stanhope Eagle - July 10, 1901 issue
The steam shovel has been at work in the Stanhope cut during the past week and the excavated dirt and rock is being put on the fills along the new cut-off.

The new drawbridge over the canal on the cut-off was lifted on Sunday for the first but it had to be done with the aid of block and fall, as the packing of the new engine leaked too much steam.

New Jersey Herald - July 25, 1901 issue
Two of the large camel-back locomotives from the main line are now running on the Sussex road.

Stanhope Eagle - August 7, 1901 issue

A supplemental change of time table took place on Thursday effecting the Sussex railroad chiefly. This was done to satisfy the patrons of the Sussex road principally.

The evening mail now reaches Newton at 6:30 when on time.

Stanhope Eagle - August 14, 1901 issue

L. W. A. Lee, operator at Waterloo for many years, has resigned his position.

Grinnell Burt, president of the Lehigh & Hudson R.R., died at Warwick, N.Y., suddenly on the 3rd inst.

Stanhope Eagle - August 21, 1901 issue

Station Agent Frank Frambes has removed from Samuel J. McMullen's house to Charles W. Parks' house.

On Thursday last the railroad company detective cleared all the hacks away from the station platform, except the regular Forest House stages. This is quite a little inconvenience to passengers who wish to employ hack service, particularly on a rainy day as hey now have to wait until a hack can be driven from across the furnace track.

There has been a periodical hitch between the railroad authorities and hackmen for years at this place.

Stanhope Eagle - August 21, 1901 issue

The railroad company are about to plank the road crossing at the railroad station again. This has been torn up since the track now used for the Sussex railroad was elevated. The crossing for passengers at the station has already been relaid.

Stanhope Eagle - August 28, 1901 issue

Frank E. Frambes has resigned as our station agent and Frank Leslie, of Hackettstown, takes his place, but that is a Frank-ing privilege of their own. The change was made to-day.

New Jersey Herald - September 19, 1901

Conductor W. Christie of the Franklin Furnace Drill on the D. L. & W. railroad, who had been suffering with an attack of the measles, returned to work on Monday of this week.

Stanhope Eagle - September 25, 1901 issue

A new plank platform is being laid at the railroad station.

Conductor W. B. Bagshaw was taken sick last Thursday and has not been on his Newton run this week.

All the trestle work for tracks in the Port Morris coal docks has been removed, except that of one track, and the space is being filled in two tracks wide with earth from the Stanhope cut. One track has been laid on the fill made on the south side of the tracks opposite the coal docks. The work on the new transfer station for the Sussex freight is progressing.

New Jersey Herald - October 31, 1901 issue

(from the 125 years ago section October 14, 2001 NJH)

The Lackawanna Railroad Company have reduced the fare from Stanhope to Newton, round trip, from 85 cents to 70 cents.

New Jersey Herald - October 31, 1901 issue

(From the 100 year ago section Oct. 28, 2001)

The grading at the Newton station is nearing completion and is a marked improvement over the unsightly surrounding of a few months ago.