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New Jersey Herald - September 21, 1905 issue
Improvements At Newton Station

A Large Sum of Money Being Expended.

As the work progresses at the Newton station yard new developments are made each week of the improvements the Lackawanna company contemplate at this station. A force of men are now engaged in excavating beneath the track leading to the turntable an ash pit about 20 x 30 feet, 5 feet deep, with concrete bottom and sides, where all locomotives will dump their fires, and the refuse will be used for ballasting. Underdrains are being laid through the yard connecting with the sewer leading to the meadows, with openings at different points for carrying off the surface water from the yard. A space of about 15 feet wide, from the depot platform to the water tank, has been graded with fine crushed stone and curbed at the side. Over this a roof will be erected extending from the present platform roof. When completed, this will give ample protection in stormy weather for passengers alighting from or entering the long trains that daily arrive at this station. Workmen are also engaged in putting down a substantial curbing around the station, and during the past week several carloads of block stone have arrived and will be used in paving the grounds on the south and southeast side of the passenger station. In the center of the yard, fronting the passenger station, will be laid out a square for a flower bed similar to those seen and greatly admired at many of the stations along the main line. The water tank will be removed to the freight yard, and a crane for furnishing locomotives on the main line with water will be placed down the track in the lower yard. The inside frame is now being placed in position for the round house, and the brick is arriving for the brick work. This part of the work has been delayed by the rejection of the first lot of brick received. As soon as the round house and heating house is completed, work will at once commence on the new freight depot and repair shops. The turntable will be put into service as soon as the ash pit is completed, and will then do away with sending locomotives to the Y at Branchville Junction to be reversed. The work on the new culvert at Drake's pond is progressing very slowly, but the company expect to complete it before winter sets in.