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New Jersey Herald - April 20, 1905 issue

Improvements At Railroad Yard

Erection of a New Freight Depot to Follow--Yard Room to be Extended

At last the prospects are bright for a new freight station in this town and the other improvements that have been contemplated by the officials of the Lackawanna railroad for the past five years. On Monday of this week two car loads of pileing, a stationary engine and pile driver arrived in the freight yard, and on Tuesday morning a force of a dozen men were set to work. The first work to be done is the removal of the turntable to that part of the yard adjoining the rear of the lots on Sparta avenue. The piles to be used are about 30 feet in length, which are being driven into the ground by the ponderous pile driver for the purpose of securing a solid foundation, upon which will be built a concrete foundation for the turntable and the ground filled in and graded with the main line. This will give the company an increased yard space which is greatly needed owing to the largely increased business at this station. For a long time past the company has been pressed for sufficient switch room to accommodate the cars that reach this station during the day, and it is not until late at night the yard is relieved of its congested condition. We are informed that as soon as the turntable is placed in position the work of dismantling the old freight depot, which has long been an eyesore to the public, having been in use since the opening of the road in 1854, will be commenced and a new depot, of modern design, will take its place. The old round house and numerous dilapidated buildings in the yard are also to be removed and a new round house will be erected. There are also rumors that when the improvements are completed and the tracks are relaid in the yard to accommodate the freight business, there may be some improvements made at the passenger station, possibly a new one to take the place of the present structure which is entirely inadequate for the passenger traffic, particularly in the summer season. May all the good things we hear come to the patrons of the company.