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Miscellaneous Articles from 1882


New Jersey Herald - January 11, 1882 issue

An empty platform car weighs 18,000 pounds; an empty box car 20,000 pounds; a passenger car, 36,000 pounds, and sometimes more; and an average locomotive, 80,000 pounds. A single pair of car wheels weigh 500 pounds.

New Jersey Herald - February 1, 1882

H. N. Kinney, of Andover, has contracted to furnish 40 tons of white lime stone per day from the Franklin quarries to the new furnaces at Hackettstown. He is running 40 tons per day from the same quarries to the furnace at Secaucus, on the Hackensack meadows. In addition to this he is furnishing about 100 tons per day of blue lime stone from the Andover quarries to the Muscanetcong furnaces at Stanhope. The work employs over fifty men.


New Jersey Herald - February 8, 1882 issue

While fishing through the ice on the Waterloo pond one day last week, Lewis Hurd, night watchman at the Waterloo depot, caught three pickerel weighing respectively 6 1/4, 5 1/2 and 4 3/4 pounds. Mr. Hurd is entitled to the belt. This pond was stocked with black bass by the State five years ago, and is probably one of the best fishing ponds in the state.

New Jersey Herald - March 22, 1882 issue

Thomas Gallaway, of Warwick, has a large force of men at Franklin building 900 feet of trestlework for the Lehigh & Hudson railroad company between the Sussex and N.Y.S.W. roads. The trestle will be from 16-18 feet in height.

New Jersey Herald - March 29, 1882 issue

The Lehigh & Hudson company have constructed a Y at Andover to connect with the Sussex road. The track layers have reached that place, and in a few days a connection will be made with the latter road.

New Jersey Herald - March 29, 1882 issue

(Andover Section)

The Lehigh & Hudson River have reached this place at last with their rails. The company will lay track no further at the present, but go back and ballast up. They can go no further in fact at the present time on account of the fill in the Iliff pond. They have had quite a force of men working there all winter, gaining on it rapidly for two or three weeks, and then, in a single night, all they have done in that time will disappear. The line has been changed once about thirty feet nearer the shore than in the first place, but it seems to make no difference, it disappears all the same.

New Jersey Herald - April 5, 1882 issue

There was a large crowd at the crossing of the L.& H. R. R. and S. R. R. on Sunday to witness the placing of the frog in position. The L. & H. R. will make lively time for Andover after the first of May, as they intend to make this their headquarters from that time until the road is in running order all the way through. We heard one of the head men say that there would be a hundred men that would want board, and we have no doubt of it.

New Jersey Herald - April 12, 1882 issue

The Lehigh & Hudson River Railroad company is now running three trains between Allamuchy and Belvidere as follows: No. 1 Leaves Allamuchy at 10:50 A.M., arriving at Belvidere at 12:25, connecting with the Belvidere road. No. 4 leaves Belvidere at 3:30 P.M. and arrives at Allamuchy at 3:46. No. 3 leaves Allamuchy at 5:45, arriving at Belvidere at 6:10. The track is laid as far as Andover, and as soon as the road is ballasted trains will run as far as Andover making connection with the Sussex road.

New Jersey Herald - April 26, 1882 issue

The track laying on the L. & H. R. R. has progressed as far as Struble's Pond and the work is being pushed daily. The work of ballasting has reached to Andover. The switch connecting the rails with the Sussex track at the steam saw mill has also been put in.

Sussex Register - May 3, 1882 issue

Hamburg Items

The White Rock Lime Co. are building a tram road from their quarry to their kilns.

New Jersey Herald - May 17 ,1882 issue

The L. & H. R. R. Co., are building at the crossing of the Sussex road a signal house and temporary station. We are informed that Mr. Frank Rosenkrans takes charge of the station, when completed.


Mr. A. R. Jackson, who had charge of the D. L. & W. office, at this place, in Mr. F. Rosenkrans' absence took charge of the Branchville Junction office on Monday of this week.

New Jersey Herald - July 19, 1882 issue

The L. & H. R. railroad company have placed a large signal on the station at the intersection of the Sussex and the above road at Andover. All trains passing that point on either road run at a very slow rate of speed. The station is in charge of Frank Rosenkrans, of Andover.

New Jersey Herald - July 26, 1882 issue

Let the urchin's heart leap with joy. A circus is coming beyond all peradventure, and, just as sure as Saturday, the 29th, is in the calendar, Nathans & Co.'s railroad circus will exhibit in Newton.

The circus will arrive in Town by a special train at an early hour Saturday morning. The street parade will take place about nine o'clock. In the evening a special train will run to Branchville, Lafayette and Franklin after the evening performance.

New Jersey Herald - August 9, 1882 issue

The new depots along the line of the L. & H. R. railroad are being pushed forward as rapidly as possible. The timber has been mostly distributed at the different points where depots are to be located, and carpenters are engaged in putting up the structures. The depot, at the juncture of this road and the N. Y. S. & W. R. R. , at Hamburg, is about completed, and a roadway has been built by the people of Hamburg from the public highway to the depot, and fenced with barbed wire. The depot at Howell's Pond, in Andover township, has been completed, but by mistake of the workmen was erected down in the field. It will be removed to a point near the public road. It is now reported that a new timetable will be issued next week, and several trains will be running through from Belvidere to Newburgh the present month.

New Jersey Herald - December 2, 1882 issue

Totten & Stackhouse have opened a coal yard at the station of the L. & H. R. railroad at Andover, and have their large scales completed and are ready to weigh coal.