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Miscellaneous Articles from 1878


New Jersey Herald - January 2, 1878 issue

Wm. Pellet, the mail agent of the Sussex railroad, has donned his uniform, under the order recently issued by the Post Office Department, and to use a female adjective it is "just splendid."

New Jersey Herald - January 16, 1878 issue

The morning train due at this station [Newton] at 10:48 was detained nearly two hours yesterday by the blowing out of a cylinder head near the White Hall switch.

New Jersey Herald - January 23, 1878 issue

Engineer William Nolan, of the Sussex Railroad, had his hand badly smashed on Monday morning, while engaged in repairing his engine at the machine shops.

New Jersey Herald - February 6, 1878 issue

Friday evening the last Sussex milk train was unable to reach McAffee's Valley, owing to a heavy snow-drift in Haines' cut. The milk was sent to the Hamburg station. On Thursday night Superintendent Case sent a train over the road, and on Friday the mail trains were running on time.

New Jersey Herald - March 20, 1878 issue

Superintendent Case, of the Sussex railroad, had a force of men engaged the past week in preparing lumber for the erection of a new bridge across the roadway at Waterloo, and after the passage of the milk train on Saturday evening the old bridge was torn down and the new one erected in time for the Sunday evening milk train to make its trip. Mr. Case contemplates many other improvements along the line at an early day.

New Jersey Herald - May 1, 1878 issue

Superintendent Case is improving the appearance of the old freight depot in this place [Newton] by giving it a coat of paint, a thing long needed.

New Jersey Herald - July 3 , 1878 issue

The Sussex Railroad Company will run a special train to Branchville to-morrow. The train will leave Newton at 8 A.M., and returning will leave Branchville at 5 P.M.

New Jersey Herald - July 10, 1878 issue

The baggagemaster on the Branchville train has become so proficient in the handling of baggage and mail that he now catches the mail bag at the Augusta station on the "fly," thus avoiding a stop at this station when there are no passengers.

New Jersey Herald - July 24, 1878 issue

The Sussex Railroad Company have just completed a handsome new passenger car, which will be placed on the road in a few days.

The woodshed of the Sussex Railroad company, at Waterloo, was destroyed by fire on Monday evening, with a quantity of wood. The fire originated from sparks from the locomotive of the evening mail train.

New Jersey Herald - August 7, 1878 issue

The sink hole on the meadows below this place [Newton] has been entirely filled up with trees and gravel, and trains are running regularly over this part of the road.


The milk train on Monday evening struck a cow this side of the Andover saw mill, killing the animal almost instantly. On Saturday morning last the nine o'clock train killed seven pigs near White Hall.


The new passenger car of the Sussex Railroad Company was placed on the morning train last week. It is finished in handsome style and reflects credit on the workmen and the company.

New Jersey Herald - August 14, 1878 issue

Several property owners along the line of the Sussex Railroad inform us that it is impossible for them to keep down the weeds on their lands, as long as the company allow wild carrot and other weeds to grow in great abundance along their entire road season after season. It is suggested that if each section gang was given orders to take a scythe along with them, and a few minutes each day at this season devoted to cutting down the weeds, the road would soon be cleared, and the farmers greatly benefited. It is along the lines of railroads where these pestiferous weeds originated, and railroad companies should assist in exterminating them.

New Jersey Herald - August 21, 1878 issue

We are pleased to note that Superintendent Case has carried out the suggestion made by us last week, and has had a number of men engaged for several days in cutting down the wild carrot and other weeds along the line of the railroad.

New Jersey Herald - September 18, 1878 issue

The Sussex milk train on its return from McAfee's Valley on Thursday evening last ran over two cows, near the Y at Franklin, killing them and throwing the cars from the track. The Milk train and the Orange County Express on the N.J. Midland were delayed over an hour by the accident.

New Jersey Herald - October 9, 1878 issue

The Milk train on the Sussex Railroad was delayed until nearly midnight on Saturday last, by the breaking of an axle on the locomotive as the train was leaving Franklin.

New Jersey Herald - October 30, 1878 issue

Joseph Devore, a brakeman on the Sussex Railroad, had his foot quite badly crushed on Wednesday last, while coupling cars at Warbasse's Junction. He was standing on the platform, and in making the coupling his foot slipped between the bumpers.

New Jersey Herald - November 13, 1878 issue

A force of seventy five men are engaged in repairing the sink hole on the meadows below this place. [Newton] Although the track has settled several feet, trains are running regularly over this part of the road.

New Jersey Herald - November 20, 1878 issue

The Sussex Railroad Company have been engaged for several days in repairing the "cut off" from Drake's pond, and placing it in good condition for travel. The company were compelled to repair this part of their road, as it will require considerable time to repair the roadbed, across the meadows, which has settled entirely out of sight, and left an opening that will cost a large sum of money to place in a substantial condition.

New Jersey Herald - November 27, 1878 issue

The Sussex Railroad Company have laid new rails and ties on the "cut-off" from Drake's pond, and have placed the roadbed in first class condition. The Company will be compelled to run all trains over this part of the road during the Winter.

New Jersey Herald - December 11, 1878 issue

The telegraph operators of the Morris and Essex Division will hold their fourth annual Social at the Warren House, Hackettstown, on New Year's Eve. Mr. W.N. Gray, the popular agent of the company at Waterloo, has been selected as one of the floor managers.

New Jersey Herald - December 18, 1878 issue

The Sussex Railroad Company commenced work on the sink hole on the meadows below Town [Newton] on Monday of this week. They have laid a track around the sink hole, and will fill it with large rock secured from a cut on the "cut-off." A large force of men are engaged in getting out this rock, and at the sink hole.