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Miscellaneous Articles from 1877


New Jersey Herald - August 1, 1877 issue

The strike on the D. L. & W. R. R. has made business lively for the employees on the Sussex Road. Wednesday night last the milk train was shipped to the Midland, and the trains on this road were kept out to a late hour. The employees of this road are courteous and faithful, and are ever watchful over the interest of the company and the comfort of the traveling public.


In the matter of the assessment of the Sussex Railroad Company, Chief Justice Beasley, of the Supreme Court, on Thursday, rendered a decision reducing the assessment of the Commissioners from $1,875,100 to the valuation admitted by the company of $400,360, which reduces the State tax from $9,375.50 to 2,001.80. The case was argued by J.G. Shipman for the company, and W. Y. Johnson for the State.


The Saturday morning train on the Sussex Railroad struck a large ox in the woods below the Reservoir. The animal was caught between the pilot of the engine and the ties, and slightly bruised. The train was backed down and his oxship rolled from the track, when it started at a 2.40 gait for Waterloo. As it approached the depot, bellowing at every jump, "Billy" Smith barred the windows and doors, believing that a gang of strikers from Port Morris were about making a raid on the depot, and then started for "Spoontown."

New Jersey Herald - August 8, 1877 issue


The lime Company of Sayer & Co., have bought three miles of the Newark and Clinton horse car railroad, which they intend to use in laying a track from their kilns to Rudeville quarry. This company are doing a large business shipping lime daily to Newark and other places.

From the 125 years a go section of the New Jersey Herald Sunday December 22, 2002

December 19, 1877

The Sussex Railroad Company have men at work repairing the bridge on the
Branchville division. As soon as the work is completed a new turntable
will be built at Franklin Furnace and a new bridge at Waterloo, across
the incline plain (sic) of the Morris Canal.