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from 1872


New Jersey Herald - January 11, 1872 issue

The embankment forming the Y connecting the Midland with the Sussex Railroad, near the junction at Franklin, is completed.

New Jersey Herald - January 25, 1872 issue

The tramway to connect the old Pochuck Mine with the Sussex Railroad extension is being built.

The milk business on the Sussex Road is increasing rapidly. The train which originally carried but four cans, now carries from 30 to 40 at this unfavorable time of year.

New Jersey Herald - February 8, 1872 issue

The appointment of a mail agent on the Sussex Railroad has been secured, and Mr. Jacob Struble has received the position. This will be a decided convenience, as the mails for each place will be overhauled in the car, after the same manner as on the Morris & Essex road. A person with a stamped envelope is also enabled by this system to mail a letter on the train.

New Jersey Herald - February 22, 1872 issue

It is rumored that the Sussex Railroad Company intend to build a branch shop at the junction of the Branchville road, as it will save a good deal of time for the employees of the Northern division, who are obliged to go to Waterloo for all repairs.

New Jersey Herald - March 9, 1872 issue

The Sussex R.R. Company intend replacing the temporary bridge over the road crossing near ex-Gov. Haines, Hamburgh, by a substantial iron structure, for which a part of the material has been brought to the place.

New Jersey Herald - April 18, 1872 issue

The Sussex Railroad have received the lumber for planking the bed of their road across the meadows and have the track laid from the junction with the old line to where they will begin planking.

New Jersey Herald - May 2, 1872 issue

The Sussex Railroad Company are breaking up limestone to place in the high embankment at Franklin, to prevent its washing during the heavy rains.

The Sussex Road are rapidly laying the plank and track from the junction across the meadows and will probably reach the Big Spring by Saturday night.

New Jersey Herald - May 9, 1872

The track of the Sussex Railroad across the meadows reached the Big Spring on Monday, where a bridge is being built to cross the kill. The road is being planked all the way across the marshy ground. A first layer of planks is laid crosswise and a second layer is placed diagonally over them, upon which the ties are laid, and the intervening space filled with gravel.

New Jersey Herald - May 16, 1872 issue

On Thursday night last the woods in the neighborhood of the Sussex Railroad track, below Slate Cut, were discovered to be on fire, endangering the forest and other property near the track. A train with about twenty of the company's employees, was run to the spot, and with some difficulty the fires were put out.

The track of the Sussex extension is laid to the meadow brook near the rocks. A locomotive was left on the Big Spring bridge, from Saturday night till Monday morning to settle it. Many visited it on Sunday and some continued their walk down the kill, which would have been all right--if they hadn't followed a fish line.

New Jersey Herald - May 23, 1872 issue

The Midland railroad, it is said, will carry the ore from Franklin to Newark for the New Jersey Zinc Company, while the Sussex, as at present, will transport the silicate ore.

New Jersey Herald - May 30, 1872

The old Andover Mine was re-opened about a month since and is now working with a force of 15 or 20 men. The Andover lime stone quarry is also working with a force of about 30 men.

On Monday morning of this week as the mail train was coming from Franklin, a mare belonging to Fritz Ackerson, near Monroe Corner, was struck by the locomotive and instantly killed.

New Jersey Herald - June 6, 1872

On Saturday last the morning train on the Sussex Railroad struck a cow near the Fowler place, Franklin, breaking a leg and knocking off a horn. In the evening the poor creature still lay where she first fell, alive and suffering.

New Jersey Herald - June 18, 1872

A new mail, baggage and smoking car, from the shop at this place, {Newton} will soon be placed on the Sussex road, for the accommodation of the new mail agent between Newton and Waterloo.

The dummy engine and car recently placed on the Branchville branch of the Sussex Road has been returned to the shops for springs. It jolted too much for the convenience of passengers.

New Jersey Herald - July 11, 1872

The last rail on the new Sussex branch across the meadows was laid last week, and on the 4th of July all the trains on the Sussex road ran over the branch. Since that time gravel trains have been ballasting the road and it is expected that the road will be in perfect running order in a few days. The building of the contemplated new brick passenger depot with the proposed accommodations, has been postponed and in its stead a temporary frame structure is now being erected. The excavation for the foundation of the other still remain, and it is to be hoped that before long that Newton can be able to boast of a long needed commodity--a passenger depot that will be a credit to this town.

A rumor is afloat that the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Company are negotiating for the purchase of the Sussex road. What truth there is in it we are unable to say.

New Jersey Herald - July 18, 1872

It is said that the Branch from the Sussex extension at McAffee Valley to the Pochuck mine, will be completed about the first of September. Twenty men are engaged in the construction.

The Boston franklinite Company are about to haul the ore from the Ten Eyck mine, at McAfee Valley, to the railroad, whence it will be taken to the furnaces. This will be done in order to give room to start a drift or new opening to intersect the vein at a greater depth.

New Jersey Herald - August 15, 1872

Ore trains have been running to McAfee Valley some time past. The red oxide of iron, or specular iron ore, which is being taken to the furnaces in Pennsylvania, is said to make a most superior quality of iron, similar to that made from the hematite ores from the same place.

Sussex Independent - August 16, 1872 issue

Franklin Items

The Sussex R. R. Co. are building a turn-table near the depot, and making other improvements in its vicinity.

New Jersey Herald - August 22, 1872 issue

The Sussex Railroad Company are building a new turn-table near the depot at Franklin.

Sussex Register - August 22, 1872 issue

The new depot on the Sussex Extension is to be located a quarter of a mile south of McAfee Corner, on lands formerly owned by William Smith, Jr.

The work on the Sussex Railroad, at Franklin, under the management of Chief Engineer Thompson, is progressing finely. About 20 men are employed in building a new side track and turn-table.

New Jersey Herald - September 12, 1872

The connections at Franklin are about to be made by which the Midland water tank will be supplied.

The work upon the turn-table of the Sussex R.R. Co., at Franklin is progressing. The wall on which the circular track is to be laid is about completed.

New Jersey Herald - October 3, 1872

The location of the Newton depot has been staked out, and we are informed that the work of erection will be begun very soon.

New Jersey Herald - October 10, 1872

The Sussex Railroad Company are about to furnish the people of Mcaffee Valley with a depot somewhere near the southwest end of Mr. Smith's upper meadow. Those having abundant leisure will take the cars at this place; others at Hamburgh or Pine Island.

The work of construction on the new Sussex R.R. depot in this town, [Newton] was fairly begun on Monday Morning. Mr. W.H. Price has the contract for the mason work, and the carpenter work, we learn, will be done by the company's mechanics. The location of the depot, after work was commenced was removed to the lot nearly opposite the residence of Mr. Thos. Clark.

New Jersey Herald - October 17, 1872

Ground has been staked off near the Newton depot for a new engine house, 110 feet in length by 40 in width, to be built to accommodate four locomotives.

Sussex Register - October 24, 1872

The work on the new depot of the Sussex Railroad progresses favorably. The foundation will be completed this week. Ground has also been broken for a new engine house, to accommodate four locomotives, and we learn that the Railroad Company intend to remove their machine shop from Waterloo to Newton.

Sussex Register - November 14, 1872

The improvements in the vicinity of the depot proceed slowly on account of the weather. The foundation of the depot building is completed. The excavation in the rocks above the depot for a large water tank progresses very slowly, but when completed will be a very substantial affair. The trenches for the new engine house are completed and the masons began their work on Monday.

New Jersey Herald - December 12, 1872

On and after Monday next the milk train on the Sussex road which at present leaves Franklin and Branchville at 5:20 and Newton at 6:07 P.M. will leave Franklin and Branchville at 5:00 and Newton at 5:45 P.M.

Arrangements have been made with Mr. T. Case, Superintendent of the Sussex Railroad, to hold the regular evening train from Newton to Franklin, on Thursday evening of next week, until after the conclusion of Miss Anna E. Dickinson's lecture--giving the people of that locality an excellent opportunity to hear her.