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Miscellaneous Articles from 1871


New Jersey Herald - January 12, 1871 issue

Conductor Duffield had a very narrow escape on Saturday afternoon last, as the 3 o'clock train was returning to Waterloo. He was walking backward upon the top of a box car when he came into violent collision with a bridge suspended across the track in the vicinity of the "Whitehall station," on the Sussex Railroad. He was knocked headforemost from the car, and but for the providential presence of a breakman (sic) at his post, he would have gone down between the cars and been either killed outright or very seriously injured. The breakman caught him around the waist and thus saved him.

New Jersey Herald - March 16, 1871 issue

Governor Randolph has approved the supplement to the Sussex Mine RR and it is now a law.

New Jersey Herald - May 4, 1871 issue

 A few days since, it became apparent to the contractors in the Haines Hill cut, near Hamburg, that a vast amount of dirt some 75 feet in height from the top of the cut , 45 feet high, was loosening itself, and would probably soon fall. Accordingly the steam shovel and the men operating it were removed backward about 75 feet, which was no more than accomplished than the whole mess came falling into the cut where they were. Had it fallen a` few moments sooner, the steam shovel and its operators would have been buried under this earthen avalanche.

Sussex Independent - May 26, 1871 issue

(Hamburgh Items)

The Junction of the Sussex extension will probably be made on the Stoll property on upper Hamburgh, near the old furnace pond, about a half mile further south than was first proposed.

New Jersey Herald - June 1, 1871 issue

The track to the lime stone quarry at Andover is completed and car loads of stone are being run from the quarry to Stanhope to supply the Muscanetcong furnace at that place.

The branch road from the Sussex Road to the Andover mine, near Andover, is nearly ready for use, the trestle bridge over the wagon road near that place being in coarse of erection.

New Jersey Herald - June 8, 1871 issue

As the 12:45 P.M. train from Franklin on Saturday reached the Junction of the Midland, near the Fowler place, it struck a cow belonging to Mr. Richard Hendrew, breaking two of her legs, and inflicting other injuries which soon after caused her death.

The steam shovel completed its work in the Haines Hill cut, near Hamburg, on Monday of last week and was removed to the hill near the residence of Capt. Wm. H. Edsall, where on Saturday night it was ready to begin the work of excavation

During the prevalence of the shower at Andover on Saturday afternoon, a telegraph pole near the depot was struck by lightning, the fluid following the wires into the office and injuring the battery. Several panes of glass were also shaken out of the depot windows by the force of the shock.

The ballasting of the Midland between Deckertown and Franklin is about completed.

A Water tank for the use of the Midland is in course of erection at Hamburgh. Another one will be built at Deckertown.

New Jersey Herald - June 15, 1871 issue

On Wednesday of last week, a miniature locomotive, named the "Hibernia," from the Hibernia Mine Railroad in Morris county, was placed upon the branch road leading from Andover station to the Andover Iron Mine, for the purpose of assisting in the work of construction. The work of grading on this branch is being vigorously prosecuted under the supervision of "Squire" Hoppaugh of Newton.

New Jersey Herald - June 29, 1871 issue

Contractor Stephens of the steam shovel at Hamburgh, lost a valuable horse one night recently. The horse had been fed on dry feed, without wetting, and died from what was known among horsemen as dry bellyache. The horse was used to snap the cars from the switch to the shovel, and by reason of perfect training was valuable.

New Jersey Herald - July 20, 1871 issue

The grading of the branch from the Sussex road to the Pochuck mines is nearly completed, and rails are soon to be forwarded for it.

The work of construction on the branch of the Sussex Railroad, from the depot to the Andover mine, under the supervision of Morris Hoppaugh, Esq., having been completed on the 1st of July, trains are now busily engaged in taking away the ore which has been accumulating since the re-opening of the mine, about four months since. The lessees of the mine, Mssrs. Eagle & Schultz, are making preparations which will enable them to ship daily from 60 to 100 tons to the Pennsylvania works.

Sussex Independent - July 21, 1871 issue

The work on the Sussex Extension is being pushed night and day at Edsall's Hill, between McAfe and Hamburgh.

Vernon Items

The people of Vernon are very indignant at the delay of the extension from Warwick, and threaten to revoke their subscriptions and cessions of right of way, if the officers of the Warwick //valley Railroad do not take some immediate action in the matter, and, if necessary, construct a road of their own to intersect the Sussex Extension at McAffee's Corners. It is the intention to have railroad communication within one year at furthest. A meeting will be called in a few weeks to take immediate action in this important matter.

New Jersey Herald - August 17, 1871 issue

"Sussex R.R. Caboose, No. 1" has been turned out of the shops at Newton.

A new "Y" is to be constructed to connect the Midland and Sussex Roads, near the Fowler Place, Franklin. The grading will be under the supervision of J.L. Quick, Deckertown.

New Jersey Herald - August 24, 1871 issue

Track laying on the Sussex extension beyond the Midland connection at Hamburg is being pushed, and the rails are now laid some distance beyond the Haines Hill cut.

New Jersey Herald - September 7, 1871 issue

A brakeman named Pierson, while standing on the top of a car, was struck by a bridge near Waterloo, on Wednesday evening of last week, and fell under the wheels of the train. He died the same evening.

New Jersey Herald - October 5, 1871 issue

A report is current that the Boston Franklinite Company will construct at Franklin a railroad from their mine on the hill to the new furnace, for the purpose of transporting ore.

The connection of Conductors Duffield and Iliff with the Sussex road has been dissolved. Mr. Benjamin Knox is running the train of the latter, while for the present, Supt. Case takes charge of the other.

New Jersey Herald - November 16, 1871 issue

The 7:30 morning train from Newton will be discontinued after Saturday, the 18th. We understand that a milk train will be started on the Branchville section this week. New time table on Monday next.

New Jersey Herald - November 16, 1871 issue

The work of construction has began in earnest on the new route of the Sussex Road across the meadows. The channel of the brook that flows into the "Big Spring" has been changed to avoid bridging, although it will be necessary to bridge the large ditch, near the spring. At the northern junction and near the spring, the work of grading is being carried on.

New Jersey Herald - December 14, 1871 issue

A team of horses belonging to Contractor Saulsbury at work on the short cut of the Sussex road, ran away twice last week over the twelve foot dump on the grade. Strange to say, they escaped injury each time.