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New Jersey Herald - April 6, 1871 issue 

Lafayette April 3d, 1871

MR. EDITOR:- Knowing that your columns are always open for communications upon any subject of importance, I take this advantage for saying a few words upon the putting in of a new switch at Strader's crossing upon the Branchville Extension of the Sussex Railroad, which has been discussed for some time past, but had not until recently obtained its object. Talk is cheap, but unless you put greenbacks in the scale, or the shoulder to the wheel, it availeth nothing. Greenbacks not being so plenteous in this section as real estate or labor, our people determined to adopt the latter plan, and push the object under discussion to a consummation. Thus it happened that the sturdy farmers of the valley agreed upon a day, and upon its arrival went to work in earnest with teams, shovels, powder, crowbars, and picks to force Jack Frost to yield the hold he had taken upon mother earth. Three days of arduous labor were consumed in the task, and we found we had as much ground graded as was necessary for the construction of the switch. But business men seeing our improvement informed us that we must have a depot, and promised us their aid. As this would necessitate more switch room, we were compelled to make another effort, which was agreed on, Mr. Case, the Superintendent of the road, promising to send a train of cars and a number of workmen to assist us. But on the morning of the day appointed, for some good cause, perhaps, the train and men did not put in an appearance. Undaunted by this mishap, and determined to succeed, we went to work with about twenty men, with teams and scrapers, and push cars kindly furnished by the track boss of the road, soon accomplished our task, and were on our way home rejoicing in the fact that we had done more for ourselves and the railroad than would have been done by others.

It is but simple justice to say of Mr. Case that, with the courtesy and spirit of enterprise that has always characterized his labors,-hardly had we finished the grading, when he caused the switch to be laid by his efficient track boss on this section, and I am now happy to inform you that the work is completed, and the cars run off ready for shipment.

Yours with respect,


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