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New Jersey Herald - June 17, 1869 issue
Sussex Rail Road Excursion--Agreeable to previous arrangement, excursion trains were run over the Franklin and Branchville extensions of the Sussex Railroad on Wednesday the 9th last. The occasion was the Annual Meeting of the Sussex County Bible Society at the North Presbyterian Church at Hardyston. The day was delightful, and naturally brought together a large number of gentlemen and ladies from different sections of the county. Two passenger cars, filled to their utmost capacity, left Newton depot at 8 1/2 o'clock A. M. , and making a short stop at Branchville Junction at the Warbasse farm, proceeded to the Big Spring crossing near Hardyston Church, where the passengers disembarked. The "Fury" arrived also with three car loads of passengers from Branchville, Lafayette and vicinity, a short time after. After a day pleasantly spent in attending the exercises in the Church, and in examination of the Railroad track, the parties left for home arriving at their respective destinations about 6 o'clock P. M.

The passengers expressed themselves highly pleased with the excursion, and especially under obligations for the courteous attention received at the hands of Messrs. Arvis and Case, who had charge of the railroad trains. The route of the road lies through beautiful farming country, which never looked more lovely than at this season of year. Hon. Wm. E. Dodge, of New York, one of the principal stockholders of the road, was also one of the excursionists, who expressed himself highly pleased with the engineering ability displayed by Mr. E. C. Noble, in locating the road, and the thorough manner in which it had been built. The occasion was a gala day for the farmers along the route, as was evinced by the waving of handkerchiefs and other demonstrations of joy by men, women and children, as the cars swept past their doors. The advent of the iron horse into the interior of the county is a new era in the history of old Sussex.

A considerable amount of work remains to be done yet to complete the last half mile of railroad to the mines at Franklin. This will probably occupy two months, when measures will be immediately taken to extend the road to the State Line.